America’s War Against Bleeding Horror In Afghanland

I was going to write a post about war. But I’m awfully sick of writing angsty stuff. I’d have loved to write a post about gardening, a recipe of a dish or something equally harmless. I really want to be not who I am for a while, as a writer. Anyways, I did manage to avoid writing an angsty post. But this is the residue that remains from the post.

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Sleep-Deprivation Is the Cure You Were Looking For

I’ve decided to sleep for lesser hours. When I have my full dose of sleep, which is about 10 hours, I become fully conscious of my surrounding. I get a complete awareness of how things are around me and everything in my own head. That just screws up any chances of my feeling excited about my day. The world is not a very cool place as you may know if you have been having your full sleep too, being conscious of all the fuck ups, fucks everything up even more. I’m not talking about the weather when I talk of ‘cool’, though it’s about 50 degree Celsius and lights may just go off. Weather is the least of the uncool things that planet earth is riddled with.

It would have been a little acceptable if I was a perfect being and it was just everything else around me that was screwed. But after a full dose of sleep when I’m able to examine my own thoughts too, that does it. That kills any bit of hope that one could hope for. Not only do you have to put up with living in a world that makes as much sense as it does, but as a human being you have to deal with your own fucking self all the time. There is always something getting messed up in your head. In the end you may just give up on living a life and let your fucked up mind run your life according to it’s phobias, complexes and perversions.

So, I’m going to sleep for lesser hours. Shahrukh Khan is known to sleep for less than 4 hours. That has made him able to lead a ‘successful’ life. You see, if somehow he gets a good night’s sleep, that will be the end of him. Consciously considering just his usage of butt-pads would be enough to make him shoot himself. You see, the secret is in being too sleep-deprived to consider your actions. When you are sleep-deprived your mind will get into it’s minimal mode. There won’t be any complicated calculations. If you see a hot babe and you want her, you’ll just walk up to her and go on making a complete ass of yourself, and you will finally get her since she happens to be a dumb bitch. It will work the same way for everything in life. So, you see how sleep-depriving yourself can change your life? Plus, you’ll also have extra waking hours to do more ridiculous things in. Win-win or what?

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