The Black Prince

As I splashed water on my face I saw him. There he was. In the mirror. Looking back at me, with a bastardly smile on his face.

“Look what you’ve done now, you fucker. You’ve completely fucked me up. And look at you. How utterly fucking sexy you look, like you’ve just come out of a party where you’ve successfuly seduced some chick to shag the next time you meet her. Come to think of it, that’s exactly what you might’ve been doing. While I suffer here.”

The smile on his face broadened.

“Don’t worry. Everything is going perfectly according to plan,” he said.

“Fuck you! Does it matter to you one iota what I’m going through? Everything is going according to your fucking plan. My fucking plans are fucking fucked.”

“Come on, you know your plans mean shit.”

“How fucking dare you call my plans shit. This life is fucking MINE.”

“Yes, it is. But you know what you are.”

“Oh God, what the fuck have I gotten myself into. I’m just your fucking piece of art, ain’t I? And you want to create art with your art. That’s fucking artistic. But what do I get? Some flowers on my grave a century later? How wonderful. Look dude, I don’t want to be part of this anymore. You, somewhere back there, sit indulging in yourself, while I, your puppet, run around and suffer. Don’t you see I am the one out here. Not you. You sit somewhere back there. Safe as a ghost. How I wish I could drag you into my amygdala and lock you in there.”

“Haha. That’s cruel.”

“Look, who the fuck is talking.”

“Look kid, we’ve had a deal. The best you can do is to suffer through it with dignity now.”

“Dignity? You bastard. You talk to me about dignity after taking me through the worst forms of humiliations. Dignity. That’s how you got me into this in the first place. What a fool I was. How I wish I had rather chosen to be singing Chammak Chalo than going for the dignity that you offered me. This is humiliation, pal. This is a much much worse form of humiliation than singing Chamak Chalo.”

“You didn’t think so back then. You thought it would be fucking cool.”

“Yes, I was a fucking fool. I’m not a fucking fool now. Look, you bastard. I know law. You can’t fucking make contracts with minors. This contract is null and void. Get the fuck out of my head now.”

He laughed real hard. I burst out laughing too. Then I came out of the washroom resigned to suffer more.

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  2. faust? jimi? who is?

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