The Curious Case of NFP

1990s: This is the embittered Nadeem Farooq Paracha, who has abandoned writing.

Early 00’s: This is when he is giving up on any sort of revolution.

Mid 00’s: This is when he is just being cynical.

2010: And this is the young NFP who is enjoying his life. This is before someone tells him who is the guy that’s pictured on his new cool t-shirt. Which will begin to change his life if he were aging normally. But he is only going to grow younger and cuter and happier.

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14 Responses to The Curious Case of NFP

  1. yawar says:

    Duh? What on earth are you suggesting?
    Did NFP run away with your girlfriend as well.

    He’s been known to do that.

  2. Najeeb says:


    What I am suggesting is obvious.

  3. Sasa 77 says:

    Great pics. Where did you get all these pics of NFP? Not even the pages dedicated to him on facebook and other sites have so many pics of him.

    But, tell me, dude, are you one of those NFP fans who are pissed off at him just because he quit drugs and shaved off his revolutionary beard??

  4. Najeeb says:

    I like him, though I’m just a little disappointed at how he has stopped worrying and learned to love the status quo.

    The pics are from google images. The last one is from his current twitter profile.

  5. Iqbal says:

    najeeb, had he started to love the status quo, he wouldn’t have been so unpopular with the usual right-wing TV hosts and reactionary parties. I think he’s just pleading to give democracy a chance. and had he stopped worrying, he wouldn’t have been scribbling two articles a week (for dawn).

  6. Najeeb says:

    Like I said, I like the guy, and I do realize the role that he is playing. This wasn’t meant to be a very serious post. It was more about his transformation from someone who has abandoned writing to someone who seems to be quite hopeful. The bit that does piss me off about him though, is how he sounds a mere PPP jiyala at times, so much so that he doesn’t want Zardari to be criticized, and he goes on to defend him.

  7. Mujhe thori thori hansi ayi thi.

  8. yawar says:

    Mehreen you write for Dawn.Com. You must have met him. How’s he like?

  9. yawar says:

    Errm … that most certainly was very funny, Najeeb. And thank you for answering the question for Mehreen. Now, a revolutionary like you wouldn’t want a woman to go around answering her own questions, would you?

  10. Najeeb says:

    That’s not my revolutionary side, that’s my Pakhtun side. Kidding. I’m just an overzealous Khudai Khidmatgar.

  11. yawar says:

    Fair enough. 🙂

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