The Stringed Thingies

Japanese are awesome. Not only do they produce the most reliable electronics, but they also have a very wicked culture with their kaminoes, geishas, sumo wrestlers, samurais, and all. Japanese are so awesome that they only need three strings in their stringed thingy called shamisen to produce the coolest of sounds. And if they fail to impress you, they can always perform seppuku.

South Asians have the biggest of the stringed thingies, and it can have up to 23 strings. It’s so sure of itself that it doesn’t need to sound aggressive like the other stringed thingies. The west is also pretty much in awe of the sitar, but when it gets in their hands it goes crazy and makes psychedelic sounds.

Rabab is the dearest of the musical instruments to Afghans and to the Pakhtuns of Pakistan. You can find it getting played in these parts when it’s not banned by the Taliban.

The Middle-Easterners play Tanbur. It’s associated with Sufis, and Sufi music is usually played with it.

The westerners took our sitars, tanburs etc and turned them into a guitar. Then like everything else they put electricity into the thing.

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  1. Shumaila says:


  2. You listen to my favorites. Good.

    Yoshida Brothers = win.

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